Valdi Ivancic is the owner and managing director of Medison, the company that gets a great deal of attention at the moment for selling notebook computers for 150 US dollars.

At a press conference on Wednesday evening, Ivancic also revealed other ambitious plans. According to Valdi Ivancic, Medison now owns an assembly facility in Brazil where some of the computers will be assembled.

In addition, the company has plans to open factories around the world.
”We intend to open factories both in Central America and here in Europe. We would be happy to do so here in Sweden if the politicians are favourably disposed.”

According to Valdi Ivancic, Medison could place a factory with between 100 and 1000 employees in Sweden. Ivancic named the regions Blekinge and Norrland as possible locations.

Yet Valdi Ivancic’s ambitions do not, by any means, end there. In a surprising move, Medison’s managing director revealed his political plans for the assembled members of the press.
"I intend to run as a candidate for Prime Minister.”

Valdi Ivancic has been an active member of Folkpartiet, the Swedish Liberal Party, in the past, but he has now left the party.
“I don’t support the party’s opinions on immigration policy.”

To become Prime Minister of Sweden without any party affiliation is something that Valdi Ivancic does not consider an impossibility. Rather, he thinks there are many democracies in the world where it works well.*

When Ivancic actually intends to realise his plan depends on his family, and the future of the company, Medison.

* In Sweden, the Prime Minister has always been the leader of the party, or coalition of parties, that gets the majority of the votes after an election.


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