In 2013, paying in the grocery store with your mobile phone will be common. There will be door locks that open with a touch on your smartphone. Our banking transactions are already handled via mobile apps, and most people have access to job emails and other business services via their smartphone.

Therefore, it is somewhat disturbing that there are still people who neglect the use of password protection on their smartphones.

In many cases, a lost phone is a goldmine for criminals. To have direct access to trade secrets, keys and maybe even payment solutions are every thief's dream.

So make sure to lock your phone with a password right away. And if you've already done that – make sure to change that password today.

Fredrik Agrén, Editor-in-Chief, PC för Alla.

The Change Password Day, the 20th of January every year, was created to highlight the importance of having – and managing – passwords to keep you and your digital information secure.

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